Because we bring Data Destruction to your Door

When you hand over your old data-bearing devices for destruction, do you know for sure ALL the data’s been destroyed? Dare you risk sensitive information coming back to haunt you? In the wrong hands, it has disastrous consequences for you, your customers and your reputation.

Traditional ‘data destruction’ (wiping, degaussing, shredding) often involves removing devices from your premises – a potentially dangerous break in your critical ‘Chain of Custody’.  If that leads to a breach of the 2017 Privacy Amendment Bill it could cost you up to $1.8 million in fines, in addition to legal and reputational costs. Non-compliance with other legislation could also mean suspension of trading and even prison.

With our Mobile Destruction Unit (MDU) there’s no such risk. Because it brings the solution to you – and instantly pulverises each device into tiny particles on your premises right before your eyes.

The data itself? It’s literally dust. So it never, ever, leaves your premises in a recoverable state.

Take a look at this short video to see how our process works.


We work with

Data Centres & MSP's

Data Centres & MSP's

You’re the safe hands to which customers entrust their precious data. Protect your clients – and your business – with fully audited, total end-of-life data destruction on your premises.
Medium & Large  Enterprises

Medium & Large Enterprises

What’s your business’s reputation worth to you? Do you take as much care with end-of life-data as you do active data? If not, you could be putting your customers, employees and intellectual property at risk.
Government  Organisations

Government Organisations

Your responsibility runs deeper that what’s usually considered a duty of care. So you must be 100% sure your systems and processes are as secure for the destruction of end-of-life data-bearing devices as with live data.