Work with Your Clients – for their protection and yours

Never let data out of your site!

You’re the safe hands into which customers entrust precious data and data-bearing devices for total integrity and control of data security.

How can you know for sure that every device reached its destination? And how can you be certain the data has been totally destroyed – unless you are there and are able to verify visually that destruction process. That’s a potentially dangerous break in the chain of custody. If even a tiny fraction of that data falls into the wrong hands and is sold, shared or otherwise illegally used your client’s entire business may be at risk.

We can help you mitigate that risk and protect your customers

The good news is that you can mitigate that risk, protect your customers and give them real peace of mind – and we can help you do it. Working in partnership with us you can offer secure, on-site tailored destruction solutions as a valuable additional customer service!

It means that you – and only you – have control of that crucial end to the chain of data custody. It also means you never ever let that data out of your site.

A risk no one can afford to run

Remember, the penalties for applicable breaches under the law* (or failure to undertake the mandatory data breach reporting obligations and assessments for certain breaches) can be severe – and it only takes a one critical device and its data going astray to constitute just such a breach!

* Up to $1.8 million for a breach of the 2017 Privacy Amendment (Notifiable Data Breaches) Act 2017 (NDB) for example.

Some of your clients might not be fully aware of the dangers – or the enormity of the consequences for failing to act under the law. What’s worse is that you could be legally held partially responsible through no fault of your own – facing the same penalties as well as serious harm to your reputation.

It really is a “No Brainer”

So when you remind your clients that, post-GDPR and NBD, it’s mandatory for them to make data security an integral part of their process right through to the end of its useful life, it really is a “no-brainer”. Especially when you consider that insurance companies, too, are increasingly insisting that data destruction is carried out on-site.

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We’ll be happy to discuss your needs and develop a bespoke data destruction service with added value for your clients and a new income stream for you.